Santa Barbara Lavender Festival 2023

Saturday, June 24th

10 am - 4 pm

General Info & Directions

The Santa Barbara Lavender Festival is held at the historic Old Mission Santa Barbara from 10 am to 4 pm. Make plans now to spend the day or long weekend enjoying the beauty of Santa Barbara. Old Mission Santa Barbara is located near State Street which is home to a variety of boutiques, unique shops, and coveted local eateries.

In addition to the usual “No Smoking” and “No Alcohol” rules, we also have a “No Pets” rule. This is necessary because the large crowds attending the Festival create an environment that is not safe for pets. In addition, the County Environmental Health Department restricts the presence of pets in areas where food is prepared and served. We thank you for abiding by these policies.

The Festival location is: Old Mission Santa Barbara • 2201 Laguna Street • Santa Barbara, CA 93105